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Fix Belkin router not connecting to the internet?


Hello Friends

Are you facing a problem with your router? Is Your Belkin router not connecting to the Internet? Then let’s Fix your Belkin Router not connecting to internet Problem.

The ability to access the Wi-Fi signal on your Belkin router relies on multiple conditions. The router has security measures wont to safeguard your affiliation against intruders. If these are organized incorrectly, you'll not be ready to gain access to your router. Productive affiliation to the router conjointly depends on properly organized network settings within the Windows OS. If you're having issues accessing your Belkin router, troubleshoot through these doable causes. begin by connecting on to the router through Associate in coaxial cable.

Friends, let’s get this issue resolved and find out what is the problem in your Belkin wireless router. I have a very deep knowledge and experience in router field so I know a lot about Belkin wireless router.

Just Follow this instruction

1. Let’s assume you have an old or new Belkin router.

2. Try to Connect Belkin router to the modem using internet cable.

3. Provide Power supply to your Belkin router.

4. Connect the Computer to Belkin router via Ethernet cable.

To resolve no internet problem best and easy way is to reset your Belkin router. So First Reset your Router Using The reset key at the back side of your router. Use paper pin for pressing Reset button if you are not able to press it by your finger.

Press The Reset key and hold for 30 sec and then restart your router and modem.

After this process, you need to Setup Your Router. So for setup, your Belkin router follows below Steps:-

Setup Your Belkin router:-

1. Plug your Belkin Router with Power outlet And Turn on the power supply.

2. Connect your modem with your Belkin router with an Ethernet cable.

3. Now connect the computer with the router using another Ethernet cable.

4. If You Do Not Have Extra Cable Please Reset The Belkin Router And Click On Wireless Icon In Your Computer.

5. Try to Connect to The Unsecured Belkin Router And Open your Web Browser

6. Once You Connected The Belkin Router With Computer Please Open Any Web Browser Like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer And Type And press Enter.

7. Now you will see Belkin Dashboard.

8. Now Your Modem Will Detect Your Belkin router. When connection will establish you Can Configure The Settings In your Wireless routers Like SSID (Network name ) And Password.

Always Change the Name and password of your Belkin Router’s Wireless connection. It helps you to secure your Router.

Hope this post is helpful for you.

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